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I’m currently going through a nihon bunka (Japanese culture) appreciation phase ^^;
No manga with any references to Japanese history/myth/legend/tradition is safe from being devoured within hours. That’s basically everything that is or has been running in Hakusensha’s Melody. I’ve also read Onodera Akira’s Rokutousei Supika for the millionth time. (If any manga is neo-Japanesque, it’s his.) At the moment, I’m reading Itsuki Natsumi’s Yakumotatsu. I can’t even find the right words to express my deep love for this manga (or any manga by Itsuki-sensei) ♥ Status: 7 volumes of 19 have been read, the rest will follow as soon as I get them.

Now, I also dug out my Kagrra CDs because they’re like the musical equivalent to all the manga mentioned above. Even though I haven’t been very fond of any of their CDs as a major band, they’re still one of my favourite bands because of all their indie releases. And in a moment of mental weakness, I decided to take my appreciation for all those earlier releases to a whole new level and translate my favourite Kagrra CDs -_-; I thought I’d start with gozen and ~Kirameki~. I’m absolutely fascinated by Isshi’s use of old words and grammar structures. They don’t make translating the lyrics any easier, but at least it’s interesting from a linguistic point of view. And it’s ultimately satisfying to bring out the beauty of the songs by fully understanding all those mythological references and the stories Isshi wrote.

It’s especially interesting with gozen because the whole album is one long story and it’s really nice to understand what exactly is going on in every song, how the music mirrors the respective events, how the story progresses and what themes, both in the lyrics and the music, are repeated throughout the whole album.


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Posted on Feb 15, 2005 (Tue, 6:01 pm). .

Onodera Akira returns!

I’m so glad. Onodera Akira’s official site had to be shut down a while ago after someone had sent some idiotic threat mails. Looks like the site might be back sooner or later! And Onodera-sensei is working on a yomikiri. Well, if that isn’t good news after Hayabusa has mysteriously vanished from Asuka (;_;)…!

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Posted on Sep 9, 2003 (Tue, 8:25 pm). .

Betsuma & Asuka news

Reading the Akuma de sourou yomikiri by Takanashi Mitsuba in Betsuma 8 was really strange. Having the story told from a totally different perspective, through the eyes of Kayano’s and Takeru’s little brother, made both Kayano and Takeru look so different. Kayano didn’t feel like the warm, caring person we know from the ‘normal’ story… she seemed so distant and cold *shudders* Well, that story is the epilogue of Akusou which means it’s finished now. Over and out.

Kazune Kawahara, known for the popular series ‘Sensei!’, has a nice long yomikiri in Betsuma 9. It’s nice to read something else than Sensei! by her. The story is so cute, I felt all fuzzy inside after reading it ^^;;;

Kasane Katsumoto’s new series starts in the latest issue of Asuka (10/02). I swear that everytime I’ve finally decided to drop Asuka, a few new cool series pop up and force me to buy it for a couple months longer. So yes, Katsumoto-sensei is back with a series titled Yasei no Bara. I loooved the first chapter… Superplants! Faito! (-_-;;) No, seriously, it’s a good combination of the usual Katsumoto weirdness, Boy meets Boy cuteness and teenage angst. One thing that bothers me, though, is that on the Asuka enquete postcard they ask whether you would like to see that series tend to be more comical or serious. What if all the Japanese girls want it to be some slapstick series? >_< Argh no. But I think that all Katsumoto fans will vote for a more serious direction. Oh and Clamp's Gouhou Drug/Legal Drug will be continued starting with Asuka 11. There will also be a Gouhou Drug clear postcard coming with that issue. That means no Asuka-dropping till the end of this year... (And a new chapter of Onodera Akira's Hayabusa will be in there, too!)

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Posted on Sep 7, 2002 (Sat, 2:40 pm). .

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