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Asuka reviews, plus .hack

I managed to get a copy of Asuka 8 after all! X is briliant as always. There was nothing else that caught my attention, unfortunately, besides Onodera Akira’s Hayabusa, but that series is being released every 3 months only which makes it quite hard to follow.

Kazumi Yuana’s new series started in this issue. I haven’t read the chapter yet, just flipped through it. It’s called Fukai nemuri no hana and it has that very same weakness that all of Kazumi-sensei’s manga seem to have: It’s the same character scheme/set-up, again and again – two guys, one blond (usually the nice guy), the other with darker hair and a girl with long curly hair. Aaaa, boring.

I looooove Onodera Akira’s Hayabusa though. He mixes traditional Japanese settings and clothes with bits of modern fashion so well and thus creates a whole new version of the supposed ‘future’. The characters are all gorgeous (bishounen anyone?), I just wish that the series appeared more often than just once every three months.

I think I’m going to stop buying Asuka nevertheless. Unless Gouhou Drug returns this autumn (which it is supposed to, but you never know…), it’s goodbye to the glorious Asuka times. I always loved the fantasy stories in it but as I might have complained about earlier, the characters in most of the series are getting younger and younger and I just don’t like manga centering around 12-year-olds.

In other news, I got the OVA that came with the .hack game for PS2. .hack//LIMINALITY is the OVA’s title, it runs 45 minutes and the quality is awesome! I only managed to get a raw copy of it (I think no one has subbed it yet) and I only had the time to watch the first 10 minutes of it but I’m so amazed by its quality. The chara design is quite a bit different from the one in the game and the TV series but it’s the first time you get a view of the outside world, the real world, as the TV series concentrates on what’s happening with the characters in the game and you pretty rarely get to know what’s happening in the real world (but that’s part of the mystery, isn’t it). Speaking of which, .hack//SIGN 13 ranks number 2 of things to watch (it’s on my HD, ah), right after .hack//LIMINALITY so I better stop here ^-^

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Posted on Jul 27, 2002 (Sat, 8:11 pm). .

Asuka update

A small Asuka manga update:

I think Hyakumantsubu no namida has lost its magic for me. It started all too well and fresh and exciting but at the moment the whole story is developing in all too predictable ways. The art isn’t as pretty as a few issues ago, too. Kazumi-sensei seems to draw the characters’ arms longer and longer with every new chapter o_O

Yumemiru machi – Disaster City Blues is growing on me, though. It started three issues ago. The first chapter got me quite interested, the second installment was kind of weird because I couldn’t make out the connection to what happened in ch.1 but now, with chapter 3, I’m completely hooked. First I wasn’t too impressed with the mangakas artwork (I didn’t like her previous series that ran in Asuka and Shoujo Teikoku), but for this story it seems to have changed a bit and it looks really good. The story is somewhere between fantasy and cyper-punk, both bizarre and fresh (in the sense of not repeating old plot devices of ‘alternative’ shoujo manga). Very cool.

Asuka 4 is supposed to come with a school calendar including artwork from Akira Onodera… can’t wait to get it. But it’s still more than a week until it’s released in Japan ;_;

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Posted on Feb 14, 2002 (Thu, 3:39 pm). .

Shoujo manga news

Onodera Akira-sensei is going to have a tankoubon out on December 17th *cheers* …And the Wish artbook is coming out the same month, too… wonder whether I should buy it or not… I’m not that big a fan of Wish so I’m quite hesitant about preordering it…

And Kazumi Yuana’s Hyakumantsubu no Namida is going to be continued in the next issue of Asuka… So the waiting’s gonna be over very soon. Lately, I haven’t been in a mood for reading manga, though. I still have to finish Tenshikinryouku… I’m much more into reading novels these days…

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Posted on Nov 2, 2001 (Fri, 8:08 pm). .

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