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Yuki Kaori’s new manga Fairy Cube

Yuki Kaori’s new manga, Yousei Hyouhon – Fairy Cube –, starts in the next issue of Hana to yume (#6; out Feb 19, see Hakusensha‘s website for a preview on the HanaYume page)! I’m so tempted to buy it…

Hana to yume was the first manga magazine I bought regularly. I started reading it because of Yuki Kaori’s Tenshikinryouku/Angel Sanctuary but quickly fell in love with some of the other series that ran in it at that time (circa 1999). I stopped buying it after TenKin ended and I didn’t like the other titles enough to keep buying the magazine. I was also running into space problems because HanaYume comes out twice a month and I always have a hard time throwing away my beloved manga mags.

I’ve lived quite happily without HanaYume for the past few years (except for a few issues I bought because of the cute furoku). Now, I am going to buy #6 for Fairy Cube. Also, I want to have a look at Nakajou Hisaya’s new manga, Sugar Princess, that started in the current issue. (It’s about figure skating. And if that doesn’t scream ‘instant shoujo classic,’ I don’t know what is.) I just hope I’ll be able to resist the urge to buy it after that one issue ^^; Maybe I’m lucky and Yuki-sensei’s new series isn’t even that great. At least I didn’t like the Count Cain series that much, so…

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Posted on Feb 12, 2005 (Sat, 4:57 pm). .

Onodera Akira returns!

I’m so glad. Onodera Akira’s official site had to be shut down a while ago after someone had sent some idiotic threat mails. Looks like the site might be back sooner or later! And Onodera-sensei is working on a yomikiri. Well, if that isn’t good news after Hayabusa has mysteriously vanished from Asuka (;_;)…!

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Posted on Sep 9, 2003 (Tue, 8:25 pm). .

D.N.Angel anime series

D.N.Angel’s fabulous – in a cute, innocent sort of way. I always thought the manga was quite nice and I’ve been following it in Asuka more or less actively. The anime is quite good. Irino Miyu is exactly the right person to lend his voice to Daisuke. He’s so adorable, I really love him ♥
Some of the CG art was making me a bit dizzy. All the main characters were introduced quite nicely, though, and the mixture of comedy and more serious, darker undertones was just right. But: no OP and ED in episode 1 ;_; Oh well, Episode 2 airs tonight in Japan so I hope to get to hear the songs on Saturday/Sunday, as soon as the fansubbed episode is released.

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Posted on Apr 10, 2003 (Thu, 2:34 pm). .

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