TTT Ext. is here.

OMG. It’s like a whole new movie. This has to be the movie I’ve seen most in my life. (Except maybe The Goonies ^^; No, I’m pretty sure that’s not true.) And seeing this version broke my heart again from all its beauty.

I can’t really talk about all the new scenes because there were simply too many. Overall, I think the movie doesn’t seem as dark anymore.

I loved Eowyn singing at Theodred’s funeral. I don’t like her much, not even in the book, but the whole funeral scene was just so impressive and moving.
Faramir doesn’t seem as one-dimensional anymore. He’s still not the man he is in the book but he appears to be a lot more gentler. (I simply adore that small farewell-scene with Frodo, Sam and Smeagol towards the end of the film.)

The new scenes changed the passing quite a bit. Some of the extended and new Ent scenes really seemed to drag the story too much. (Even if it is the Ent’s nature to be slow and careful and not hasty…) I do love the new Merry and Pippin scenes, though. The Entwash scene and the one in the storeroom in Isengard were particularly funny ^^

It also changed the screen time balance: Arwen’s role seem pretty short, especially when you compare it to the screen time Eowyn got in this version.

(Eowyn’s and Aragorn’s ‘stew’ scene was so bad. I thought Gimli was in charge of the comic relief and not those two.)

This version is so wonderful. I’ll watch all the special features in the next few days to see if they can live up to the features on the Fellowship Ext. Version DVD.
I’m so happy.