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Cat Street

Kamio Youko’s new series called Cat Street started in the August issue of Betsuma. I’m not into Hana yori dango at all so I wasn’t really psyched when they announced Kamio’s new manga would be running in Betsuma. But Cat Street isn’t that bad, actually. In fact, I quite liked the first installment.

Keito, the heroine, is really mysterious at first because she doesn’t say a word and you only see people mentioning rumours about her whenever she appears. But the first chapter also revealed a lot of her past already. Her parents made her a child star who appeared in all sorts of commercials. But all she wanted was being a normal school girl and having friends like everyone else.

The story is pretty emotional in a non-kitschy way. You really feel Keito’s loneliness and understand her desperateness to become friends with the girl she’s sharing her role with in the musical. The girl she taught how to dance and act on stage. The girl who eventually got better than Keito, betrayed their friendship and put an end to Keito’s career.

The end of the chapter set up the storyline for what is to come in the series. Looks like Keito will finally be able to be a normal (? NOT!)  schoolgirl. Can’t wait for the second installment!

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Posted on Jul 28, 2004 (Wed, 12:35 pm). .

Takanashi Mitsuba’s new series – Beniiro Hero

I love Betsuma 1/03! Just got it today and I can’t stop looking at it. Takanashi Mitsuba’s new series (Beniiro Hero – Crimson Hero) has finally started! There was a Beniiro Hero postcard in the last issue of Derama and I quite liked it, I also liked the few preview pics in the December issue of Betsuma, and now I’ve finally been able to read the first chapter. There’s something about Takanashi’s recent chara designs I don’t like that much (the chins?, the foreheads? I don’t know, but the faces look a bit weird)… the story is okay so far, nothing that hasn’t been done before but I won’t say anything negative after this one chapter… we’ll see!

Aaaand there will be an Akuma de sourou Illust-shuu!! More info on when the artbook will be out, how much it’ll be and stuff will be announced in the next issue of Betsuma (out in mid-January).

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Posted on Dec 27, 2002 (Fri, 9:58 pm). .

Nana, Betsuma, Newtype, .hack, Wolf’s Rain and Merry delights

I got a huge package from my trusted Japanese bookstore today. What a delight. Got Betsuma 12 (one more issue until Takanashi Mitsuba’s new series starts!!), the latest two Nana (Yazawa Ai) tankoubon, Gouhou Drug 2, Newtype 12 with .hack//Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu on the cover aaaand CLAMP’s X calendar for 2003. I haven’t opened the calendar yet but it looks a bit different than this year’s huuuge wall calendar. The new one’s a desk calendar which is quite practical because I have only very little free space left on my walls.

I had to go to my media class after I got the package but I opened the package and started to read the 6th Nana tankoubon. Aah what a mistake! I almost missed my bus… that manga is so addictive and as I don’t buy Cookie regularly, I’m always anxious to get to read the new tankoubon.

Just had a quick peek into Betsuma 12 because I haven’t even finished reading Betsuma 11. I did flip through Newtype attentively though and YES! there will be a new .hack TV anime starting on January 8. I don’t have too many good feelings about that series though… I don’t like the Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu manga to much because it’s more of a parody manga and I don’t expect the same-titled anime series to be much different. The characters look too young, too. And what I’ll really miss is that serious, mysterious atmosphere of .hack//SIGN. Wolf’s Rain, a new anime TV series that’ll also start in January, looks pretty promising though. I’m defnitely looking forward to watch that show.

Amy‘s back! I had intended to post an Amy-poking message here to make you blog again because I’ve started to miss you. Btw, if you like Yasei no bara, you should really try to get some of Katsumoto Kasane’s other manga, Amy. I can recommend Sono te o dokero (8 tankoubon) and its spin-off Oretachi o tenshi to yobu na (2 tankoubon). Her series that ran in Asuka before Yasei no bara was Hikaru no ko. I liked that one too, even though it featured less bishounen than her earlier titles. It’s a really cute love story with a bit of the usual Katsumoto angst, something very nice for cold and rainy November evenings^^

Oh and merry! I’ll get my CD package tomorrow, I’m so excited!! And on their Club Quattro oneman show merry announced they plan a oneman show at Nippon Seinenkan and the release of a full album for next spring. How great is that?!

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Posted on Nov 27, 2002 (Wed, 6:20 pm). .

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