I love Betsuma 1/03! Just got it today and I can’t stop looking at it. Takanashi Mitsuba’s new series (Beniiro Hero – Crimson Hero) has finally started! There was a Beniiro Hero postcard in the last issue of Derama and I quite liked it, I also liked the few preview pics in the December issue of Betsuma, and now I’ve finally been able to read the first chapter. There’s something about Takanashi’s recent chara designs I don’t like that much (the chins?, the foreheads? I don’t know, but the faces look a bit weird)… the story is okay so far, nothing that hasn’t been done before but I won’t say anything negative after this one chapter… we’ll see!

Aaaand there will be an Akuma de sourou Illust-shuu!! More info on when the artbook will be out, how much it’ll be and stuff will be announced in the next issue of Betsuma (out in mid-January).