Last week’s biggest news:
Coin Locker Babies is going to be made into a movie!

There was that quote by Oliver Stone (I think) on the back of the English edition of Murakami’s book and I thought ‘Fuck no, take your hands of that book >_< '. I was hoping no one from the USA would ever touch it and turn it into a movie. I always thought Coin Locker Babies could be to Japan what Trainspotting was to Britain. Both are shocking, dirty, bizarre and obscene, violent and grotesque. But of course, they are also powerful mirrors of their respective generations. Both have that fresh feeling because they don't fit into mainstream categories as they don't want to appeal to the masses. That's why I really hoped the Japanese would make a movie out of, and not the Americans. I don't want some half-assed Hollywood crap, not with that book! The Japanese can handle bizarreness quite well in film, I'm not sure what a mainly American team is going to make out of it. Sean Lennon has co-written the script though. Also, the production's gonna start later this year so there is no definite cast yet but Asano Tadanobu might be in it which means it won't be your typical Hollywood production and there will be a few (half-) Japanese people involved. (Other actors who might be in the film are Liv Tyler, Val Kilmer, Vincent Gallo and Asia Argento - all good to great actors who have proved their talent in smaller productions; plus they are all rather charismatic. So there is still some hope!