Finally got to see Mamoru Oshii’s Avalon tonight. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it before, at least from a visual point of view. Absolutely stunning. The music by Kenji Kawai – overwhelming. If only the pacing of the plot wasn’t so bad >_< The atmosphere throughout 95% of the film is far from dense, in fact so stretched and thin I could see through my TV screen. Also, the lack of emotions in the acting makes for some nice two-dimensional characters (oh the irony!). Hell, I've never felt more distanced from a heroine before. The way she didn't care for the people who should be important to her made me not really care for her either. Ah, it's such a shame. This could've been such an amazing, wonderful, mind-blowing, awe-inducing film. *dies* A must-see for any science fiction, heck any movie enthusiast, nevertheless. Just give it a lot of time; especially the last third of the movie is worth a million mediocre Hollywood flicks.