I can hardly wait for Betsuma 1. Issue 12 has just come out but it’s so hard already to wait till mid December for the January issue. Takanashi Mitsuba’s new manga will start in that issue! The preview pics look awesome, I think it’s going to be a really cool series. I was a bit said when Akuma de sourou ended because it’s been running for so long and I became really fond of it. So now I hope that Takanashi-sensei’s new title will be just as good or even better. Her style has changed a bit though. I know that most people thought that her noses looked so ugly but I really got used to her style and now she draws noses like everyone else does, oh well. (Not like that’s really important… -_-;;)

Oh and I ordered Newtype 12 because on Kadokawa’s website they mentioned a new .hack TV series for January! I’m not sure if that’s true but that would be just… like, there’s no word to describe the greatness o_O