I finally finished watching CLAMP’s Chobits! Oh what a cute series it was. I’m really glad I decided to watch it. I’m not a big fan of Clamp’s other shounen titles, but this one was really good from episode 1 till the end. It was really nice to have a cozy, easy-going series to watch inbetween the heavier stuff like RahXephon.

Which reminds me, I still haven’t finished RahXephon -_- I always take my time with the anime I like. And RahXephon’s definitely one of them. I haven’t enjoyed a mecha anime series that much in quite a while! I still can’t watch more than 3 episodes of it in a row because it’s so exhausting to follow the storyline, but it’s so cool and brilliant and its atmosphere makes me all melancholic. Love it. Everyone into intelligent sci-fi anime should watch this show!