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Ikite~ ikite~ ikite~ kudasai

I love the guys at We Suck. Their Mujin Wakusei Survive subs are pretty good. I’m glad they picked up the show (and strangely enough, a few groups also picked it up after them, when the show had already been running for a few weeks). I really like their small, yellow font. It actually reminds me of the good old VHS fansub days ^^;
Just a few more words on Muji Wakusei Survive itself:
It progresses very slowly in order to leave the characters enough time to develop. I really like that. It might be a kids show but it never treats the characters nor the audience like idiots. In fact, Luna & Co seem a lot more mature than the characters of anime series targeted at an older audience.
The show’s somewhat nostalgic charm is just amazing.

Mousou Dairinin (Paranoia Agent) didn’t fail to impress either! The first episode starts with a scene of mass paranoia and continues in a very… Satoshi Kon typical way of stylish mystery and weirdness. Really cool, can’t wait for more!

Live-eviL are subbing Marco (3000 Leagues in Search of Mother). Now, this makes me really nostalgic as this is one of the many many World Masterpiece Theater titles I enjoyed when I was younger. Rascal and A Dog of Flanders were my favourites of them all ♥

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Posted on Feb 21, 2004 (Sat, 8:40 pm). .

Anime nostalgia… plus .hack//SIGN

I made a surprising discovery! There is an old anime TV series about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, all with animal characters instead of human ones. I remember watching it when I was little but when I started looking for info on it online all I came up with was the opening clip of it (in French). Well, a while later I bought an Animage with a Studio Ghibli special in it and as it turns out, that Sherlock Holmes anime (or at least a few episodes of it) was written/directed by none other than Miyazaki Hayao! A few days ago, I visited to get a few Japanese DVD release dates and I found out that the Sherlock Holmes series is being released on DVD in the US. I so need to buy them, just for the nostalgia’s sake^^ I still like most of the old TV series that I watched when I was little (Rascal and that Dog of Flandern series). It must be the same for the Japanese people because they still make movies out of those series, even decades after the TV series aired. Ah yes, Japan must be the best country to live in for nostalgic people ^^;

To make me forget about the fact that I’m anxiously waiting for my x-ray and blood test results to come in, I’ve been looking for a new domain (for new projects). All the good ones I came up with are already taken. Hm. I’ve also watched .hack//SIGN up to episode 9. This series is so damn addictive, a lot more than RahXephon. I love all the songs on it, to the degree that I have them in my head in the early hours of the morning when I can’t sleep. I love all of them, except the opening theme >_< Even though the story development has been dragging a bit too much (the bits about what's happening in the real world are just too few at the moment), I like the character development a lot (especially with all that little 'side events', Mimiru helping that little newbie girl, Tsukasa taking care of that girl's pet, et cetera)...

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Posted on Jul 1, 2002 (Mon, 4:10 pm). .