I’m making my way through all sorts of classics, both movies and shoujo manga. It’s especially interesting with the latter because even though there are quite a few titles that can already be considered classics, there isn’t a real canon of shoujo manga yet because it’s still a relatively young genre and you can either rely on recommendations by other (older?) readers or check the release lists of various publishers for their bunko editions and other re-editions because they mostly contain older popular titles. But I always feel like I might be missing out on some really precious gems because I don’t trust the publishing companies; they probably just re-publish stuff that was commercially successful at the time it was first published, but that’s not necessarily what I’m looking for…)

Escapism II – new anime: Fuujin Monogatari (Windy Tales). Do not feel put off by the admittedly very werid, minimalistic designs! Once you’ve actually started watching this series, it’ll become part of its great great charm anyway. The story is so wonderfully magical and dreamy, it’s almost like an artsy Ghibli movie ♥