I watched .hack/Liminality earlier tonight. It’s so different from .hack//SIGN, the atmosphere, the music, yet they have that same feel to it… And the moment the two shows ‘overlap’ is just magic…! (When ‘Obsession’ starts you just ‘feel’ the link, like totally. Excuse me, I’m just… outta there.)

Don’t ever trust rumours: Sadamoto Yoshiyuki is supposedly not working on a .hack manga ;_; At least that’s what one of the production teams’ official site says. But even their dementi was pretty vague so… The first tankoubon of the .hack//Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu is being published on August 1st, but from what I was able to get, it’s more of a slapstick manga than a serious piece of art ;_; (And it’s not by Sadamoto-sensei.)